Warm weather = Outdoor activities!

Spring has sprung and the weather is getting warmer! That means more opportunities to go play outside in the sun!


Going for a bike ride together as a family

Play tag

Have a three-legged race

Have a picnic at a park or in your own backyard

Do some gardening – plant flowers or vegetables together you can all watch grow and enjoy

Fly a kite together

You can find dozens more fun ideas at familyfun.go.com. When playing outside though, it’s important to take into consideration issues on safety, allergies, etc.

Enjoy the weather and happy playing!


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Easter Done Healthy

Celebrating Easter is such a wonderful occasion. Being together with family, Easter egg hunts, dying eggs, and sharing a delicious meal together. Lots of times though, the foods we enjoy on this holiday aren’t the best for our health. So, here’s some tips on how to keep this holiday fun and healthy!

Put together healthy Easter baskets filled with toys and healthy snacks

Play fun, active games like “capture the egg,” “bunny tag,” etc.

Get out in the fresh air for some Easter relays like “pass the egg” and “duck race”

Prepare a a healthy meal fresh with spring vegetables and other low-fat sides

And just enjoy one another’s company! Happy Easter season!!

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Cute and Healthy Springtime Snacks!

With the arrival of spring,  I thought it’d be fun to look around for some fun, healthy Spring recipes that the whole family would enjoy. This is what I discovered:

Deviled Egg Boats

A creative twist on a classic!








Nut Butterfly

Apples, nut butter, and carrots make a beautiful butterfly!








Carrot Patches

Carrots planted in a lovely pot of hummus make this springtime treat lots of fun!









Fruit Flowers

Look how pretty! And scrumptious! So the licorice isn’t super healthy, but it can either be omitted or replaced by something else!

All of these springtime snacks and many more can be found at familyfun.go.com – check it out, there are lots of great ideas!

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April Showers

We all know the adage,  “April showers bring May flowers”… spring is upon us once again and that means it is the rainy season! Just because it’s rainy outside though doesn’t mean we have to veg in front of the T.V. – we can still be active and have buckets of fun inside!

familyfitness.about.com offers some great ideas that are fun for the whole family!

1. A treasure hunt

2. Put on a play/talent show

3. Indoor sports with foam balls

4. Go out to a bowling alley, roller rink, etc.

5. Train/play with pets

6. Make a sand-free sandbox

7. Do a fitness video

8. Go out and play in the rain! Then come back for some warm soup!

9. Make a fort

10. Balloon volleyball

11. Crafts with clay, paint, etc.

12. Games that get you to move – Twister, Wii, etc.

They sound so fun huh? You can have a great time with these even when it’s not raining outside! getkidsinaction.org also has some great information on staying active on a rainy day and some additional activity ideas!! Enjoy the showers!


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“Safety is No Accident: Live Injury-free”

This week (April4-10) is National Public Health Week!!

This year’s theme is “Safety is No Accident: Live Injury-free.” The APHA noted that there are about 150,000 people that die each year from injury, and there are nearly 30 million people every year that go to the emergency room because of injury. So, in order to achieve a more healthy nation, the APHA chose this theme to help educate people on injury prevention so that those numbers can be lowered.

Each day of the week was dedicated to a different location in which we can practice safety and injury prevention.

Monday: At Home

They gave useful tips such as installing smoke alarms, assessing potential hazards, covering electrical outlets, etc.

Tuesday: At Work

They encourage wearing safety equipment, holding fire drills, etc.

Wednesday: At Play

Wearing helmets, warming up, drinking water, monitoring children, etc.

Thursday: On the Move

Wearing seat belts, buckling children in car seats/booster seats, encouraging the PTA to have teen driving safety programs, etc.

Friday: In Your Community

Joining a neighborhood watch, keeping weapons locked and away from children, work with schools to implement bullying prevention programs, etc.

There are plenty more great tips on their website, so check it out! As we go about our lives at home with our families, at work, at play, on the move, and in our communities, let’s try to use  these tips to keep ourselves and our loved ones more safe!

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47 ways to a more active family!

Readers Digest provided a list of 47 great ways to get moving with your family.

Some of my favorites were:

  • going on a treasure hunt
    dancing during commercial breaks
    play flag football together with table napkins
    have a race where everyone run as a different animal
    “waltzing” with your baby when he or she cries instead of stuffing in a pacifier, etc.

You can find even more great ideas at www.rd.com/family/47-tips-for-a-healthier-more-active-family/

Try these and if you have more great ideas please feel free to post them!!
I love how there are so many ways to be active, have fun, and teach your children from an early age to lead a healthy lifestyle. You don’t necessarily have to be working out at a gym or some other structured exercise. Leading an active life is fun, makes you and your family feel great, and through doing these activities together you grow closer together. It’s a win-win all around!

For more motivation to be active, check out the NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digetsive and Kidney Diseases)’s tips. You can learn more about why it is important to be active and how to overcome barriers you may be facing.

So get out, and go have some fun!

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Great Website!

I just came across a fabulous website that’s helpful for kids, teens, and adults and their health. There’s a kids’ section that has  “Kid’s Dictionary of Medical Words,” games, yummy kid-friendly recipes, fun quizzes, and simple explanations of how the body works, and other great things that help kids understand and get excited about their health. In the teens’ section, there are topics that are relevent to teens. There are things that discuss puberty, body image, relationships, healthy school lunches, even ways to deal with bullying and ways to study better and find good friends. On the parents’ site, there’s tips on how to have a healthy family dinner, after school snack ideas, FAQs on breastfeeding, information on growth and development of children, parenting advice, and much more!  This site is so informative and I recommend you go take a look at it with your whole family! Happy learning!

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